Work & Travel @Lexues

Hi guys!
Kuba from Planning & Development Section here.

You know what’s fun in working at Lexues? Well, the list is long, but here’s my absolute number one – being able to work remotely. Most often I do that from my home in Chatan. But since end of last month I’ve been working from my parents’ kitchen. And that’s in Poland! The deal is simple. I work remotely during the business days and get to do all the sightseeing in Europe I want during my days off.
So since the end of April I’m in Poland, coding furiously and studying deep learning techniques for Lexues’ new project, all from the comforts of my new office.


Now that’s for work. But you can bet coding isn’t why I’m here. I came to Europe to do sightseeing and stayed true to my mission. During the last few weekends, plus a delightful Golden Week, I kept myself busy. Here are just a few highlights of my last month:
– visited four castles
– strolled down streets of three medieval cities
– climbed a mountain
– hiked to a gorgeous waterfall hidden in a heart of an ancient forest
– spent half a day in Germany
– drove over 1000km in right-hand traffic using a shift stick. That’s from a guy who got his driving license in Japan and owns an automatic. Not enough? Last 50km was with a car built for a left-hand traffic (a British import)
– drove a lawn mower with an engine spot on same size as that of my Japanese car
– spotted a few wild dears
– played with two beasts seen in the last picture

20160429_130910  20160501_131032  20160514_155150  20160519_140336

And the best part? I still have one more month to enjoy Europe before heading back to Okinawa!